We are in position to offer a set of standard formulations comprising liquid, powder and algae based formulations

Liquid formulations

  • Arcavit L Forte
  • Arcavit Amino
  • Arcavit ADE 100-20-20
  • Arcavit SelE20
  • Arcavit Liver Tonic

Powder formulations

  • Arcavit WP
  • Arcavit P Forte
  • Arcavit Bioacid
  • PICOLEAN 0,1% Cr

Customer tailored formulations

We are in position to formulate according to customer’s requirements and needs. Simply contact us for a proper feasibility evaluation.

Arca Formulations Liquid

Algae based formulations

Vitalg S

Vitalg S consists of a proper blend of selected algae and is primarily indicated for monogastrics in general and young animals in particular. Vitalg S is a feed material whose use is beneficial for the improvement of the intestinal health. Thanks to this effect, the supplementation of Vitalg S to weaning piglets allows, in most cases, to reduce the amount of Zinc Oxide.


Vitalg consists of a proper blend of high quality yeast culture and absolute seaweed meal. Vitalg has been expressly formulated for ruminants in general, and for dairy cows and milking goats and sheep in particular. Vitalg helps to overcome in highly producing animals, stressing periods connected with high environmental temperatures or bad quality of fodder and hay.


Fibrafit is a complementary feed consisting of a proper blend of Norvegian Ascophyllum nodosum meal and sugarbeet pulps. Fibrafit has been expressly formulated for monogastrics and sows in particular. Due to its peculiar composition and fermentescibility, Fibrafit is a balanced composition of different fibre fractions. It possess a noticeable water holding capacity and its well balanced composition of different fibre fractions, boosts the intestinal prebiosis as well as the physical stimulation of the peristalsis.

    Prodotti Arca srl offers a wide range of specialized feed additives produced through the application of science and technology. Trials carried out in the best facilities in several countries worldwide certify the high quality and ease of use of Prodotti Arca’s feed additives.


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