We operate on international markets and our aim is the achievement of animal health with reduced use of antibiotics

About Us

Prodotti Arca S.r.l. was founded in 2005 with the aim to implement the huge experience achieved in several decades with feed additives and agrochemicals.  Today the main business area of Prodotti Arca is the animal nutrition. Further to this, the specific experience and know-how that had been previously achieved at Vanetta S.p.A., have been kept alive with some ongoing projects on Vitamin K3 derivatives and Vitamin formulations.

In the last  years more and more attention has been given to innovative materials like algae. Algae are a valuable source of natural substances that can improve the intestinal health; furthermore they are today the only alternative source of DHA (omega-3) compared to fish oil. Prodotti Arca is now a leading supplier of Ascophyllum nodosum (brown seaweed).

In 2015 Prodotti Arca Achieved the Quality certification according to the FAMIQs code (Certification n° P2533) and is also licenced for trading of materials for Organic Farming  (BIO Certificate 05724) .

Prodotti Arca About

    Prodotti Arca srl offers a wide range of specialized feed additives produced through the application of science and technology. Trials carried out in the best facilities in several countries worldwide certify the high quality and ease of use of Prodotti Arca’s feed additives.


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