Nanotech Line

The products of NanoTech line have been specially developed to solve the solubilization problems, both in water and in oil, of substances having little or even no affinity with these solvents. Our technology allows us to produce both solid and liquid nano-particles haviing a diameter below 100nm: they are then coated with a very thin emulsifying film, that allows their immediate dispersion in water and/or in a oily matrix, in a way totally assimilable to a real solution. Micelles are stable in time and don't involve processes of deposit or thickening in case of extended rest of the emulsion. A very important advantage of this technology, thanks to the uniform coating of the nano-particles, is to allow the stabilization of substances, having the problem of high instability and degradation when dissolved in water, such as some Vitamins and pro-Vitamins. Moreover the presence of a real membrane, covering the nano-particles with an active principle, allows to greatly improve the absorption of the encapsulated substance also in tissues, such as skin, that pose the problem of little or very little attitude to absorbe nourishment from the outside.